10 Important Rules to Successful Blogging

Posted on February 25, 2014

We all have a few people in our blogging communities that we look at and wonder, “How did they get so far, so fast?” The most successful bloggers are very intentional with their actions. They plan. They experiment. They take risks. They are also likely following certain unwritten yet important rules of blogging.

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  • It should never be just about the money (or the freebies). Once a blog is more established, it often comes with certain perks, like coveted products and getting paid. When those things become your primary focus – instead of your story – things can go awry quickly. Never forget your why.
  • Never stop networking. The most successful people online are engaging nonstop. That doesn’t mean you are pushing your posts all day. 80% of your social media interactions should be asking questions, answering questions, promoting other bloggers’ work. People are far more likely to take an interest in you when you are being yourself and being genuine.
  • Don’t get too comfortable. The blogging world is constantly evolving. New bloggers with incredible hustle are coming online every minute. Don’t get lazy. Watch and incorporate trends. Stay up to date on the latest social platforms, apps and resources. Follow not only fashion and beauty blogs, but also marketing and home business websites.
  • Keep good company. Just as in offline life, you become the company you keep. Surround yourself with positive forces. Join communities of strong women with success on their minds. Make friends with those that will lift you up, not hold you back.
  • Provide more than expected. “Good enough” is never good enough in a highly competitive field. Go above and beyond what a visitor expects. Don’t just post photos, tell the story behind the images.
  • Be present. It isn’t enough to simply ask your readers questions or ask them to leave comments and then never respond. Blogs are unlike websites in that they are based on conversation. Acknowledge comments. Answer questions. Be available to your readers.
  • Best face forward on social media. First impressions matter. Make sure your social profiles are consistent (same photo, same name) and include accurate and inviting descriptions. When available, upload your own background and profile photos. Make sure your first two rows of boards on Pinterest showcase YOUR best work and what followers can expect. When posting an update, make sure you are okay with that being the first thing a new brand, follower or even employer sees.
  • Give credit where credit is due. If another blogger inspired a post, don’t be afraid to say so. If you are sharing someone else’s work, don’t forget to tag them. Your readers will not run off to another blogger. In fact, these mentions may help introduce you to the other person’s readers.
  • Be consistent. Remember how hard it was starting your blog? Imagine doing that over and over and over again. That’s what happens if you blog sporadically. Readers move on.  Even if you need a break, keep in contact on social media or your email newsletter.

Find here tips on 5 major blogging mistakes to avoid.

  • No drama. It’s true. Misery loves company. But brands don’t. Most readers don’t. Eventually it even gets old with the engaging parties. One low class moment can cause you to lose credibility indefinitely. Keep it clean online. “Say it, forget it. Write it, regret it.”

What’s your Number 1 Golden Rule of Blogging?

Angie Nelson has been blogging since 2008. When not working with iFabbo, you can find her sharing her passion for all things subscription box on MyBeautyBoxReview.com.

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